Phoenix First GALA and Awards Results

On Wednesday the 20th of December after weeks of hard work and practice Phoenix Dance & Gymnastics were pleased to hold their first Christmas GALA display and Awards Evening.

The show was kick started with our wonderful Little Flyers class performing their very cute "tiger took my family" routine dressed as animals. The children performed excellently well with huge smiles and fantastic moves. We were extremely proud of all of our TOTS for doing so well and working so hard !!!

TOTS - Awards results

Gymnast of the Year - Selina Morgan

Most Potential Gymnast - Reuben Morgan

Most Improved Gymnast - Megan Lilly Harrison

Most Dedicated and Hardworking Gymnast - Lucas Brookes

After a lovely start to the evening it was now the turn of our REC Gymnast, training only an hour a week the gymnasts worked hard to prepare themselves for the show and both classes performed brilliantly. Our Tuesday REC class performed one routine to 'One World' and being the first of three on battled their nerves and did very well on the stage. Our Wednesday class (split in to two groups) performed an their energetic routine to "Jai Ho" and both the older and younger girls put on an excellent show for our audience.

REC Awards Results

Gymnast of the Year - Alessia Polledri

Most Potential Gymnast - Ffion Llewellyn

Most Improved Gymnast - Bella Evans

Most Dedicated and Hardworking Gymnast - Elise Reddy

With our TOTS and REC Gymnasts given their medals and awards it was now the turn of some of our squad children. Opening the second half of our evening were the dynamic duo Emily James and Sorina Nistor, performing both an elegant and exciting dances merged in to one fantastic performance the girls certainly WOWed the crowd with their routine to "Arabian Nights".

Up next performing were two of our eldest gymnasts at the club, as an inspiration to the younger gymnasts they certainly played their part putting on a wonderful display of Aerobic Gymnastics to "Yahabibi" all dressed in red and black!

After the exciting performances from our older girls it was now time for our minis to show off all their hard work in their lively performance to Aladdin's "One Jump". With starring roles from Eboni (Jasmine), Jack (Aladdin) and Eden (Abu the Monkey) the group was a massive hit with the audience ! The gymnasts had worked tirelessly to make sure the number was ready for the stage and they didn't disappoint.

The final performance of the evening came from our "Friend Like Me" dance in which each of our Juniors had a Mini partner!! The routine was a massive success and was for many the favourite dance of the night. In their cute little dresses the girls showed sass and comedy throughout the whole routine and impressed the crowd with their daring lifts!

Awards Results

Gymnast of the Year - Sorina Nistor

Most Improved Gymnast - Mia Bernardo

Most Potential Gymnast - Eden Hall

Most Dedicated and Hardworking Gymnast - Niamh Reynolds

Potential Coach Award - Eve Reddy

Young Leader/Helper of the Year - Abigail Carter

An the winner of our prestigious Phoenix Award for All Around Achievement was awarded to...

Emily James

For all of hard work and dedication all year.

Congratulations to Emily and all of our gymnasts at Phoenix Dance & Gymnastics ! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year xxx

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